Monday, June 27, 2011

Story Books

We were bored one day and I needed a way to entertain my little brother and sister.  I went onto Microsoft Word and we made up a story.  I typed up a list of directions for us to follow:

  1. type/make up a story (let the kids make up most of it no matter how crazy it gets)
  2. gather supplies
  3. illustrate
  4. clean up
  5. let the pages dry (if you painted them)
  6. show everybody

Our story turned out really cute.  Here it is:
An Adventure in the Pool

One day Tom and Abby went to the pool.  They put their swim suits and sunscreen on and jumped into the pool.
Then all of a sudden the slide turned into a scary sea monster!
 All of the pool noodles turned into swords and we fought off the sea monster.
Then the tubes turned into canoes and the pool turned into a river. We went on a ride down the river.
Then nine crocodiles came out if the water. We were scared but then we fed them fish and they became our friends and pets.
The river turned into the ocean.  Our canoes turned into pirate ships and we followed a map to the treasure.  Tom had a telescope to look in the ocean and he found a bottle with a message in it. 
The message said: I hope you guys had fun a the pool but now its time to go home.  
Love Mom.

I hope this becomes a fun summer activity!  Another fun story game is Fortunate, Unfortunate.  One person is fortunate and the other is unfortunate.  Fortunate begins the story with once upon a time...Then unfortunate says something bad that happens in the story.  Then fortunate says something good and it goes on and on until you decide to stop.

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