Monday, June 13, 2011

Mothers Day Cake

                  This is  "The Pfaff" sewing machine cake I made for Mothers Day (for my mom).  She sews a lot and I didn't know what else to put on the cake.  Everything on it is edible, other than some supports on the sewing machine.  The machine itself is made of modeling chocolate.  The needle is a skewer covered in gray gumpaste. The fabric is leftover fondant.  The border is actually gumpaste buttons.  The doughnut shaped thing is  a roll of ribbon turned sideways.  The cake is covered in wilton  buttercream (medium consistency)

The purple thread was made by rolling cream colored gumpaste into a log.  Next take any color of gumpaste and roll it out flat to an 8th of an inch.  Cut it to the length of the log. Now take a gumpaste tool or a knife and run lines down it horizontally.  Apply gum glue (small amounts of gumpaste mixed with about teaspoon of water) to the log and wrap the "thread" around it.  Make 2 doughnut shaped  things to go on the ends of the spool.
  Keep Decorating! Maddie

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  1. This is so good Madison!! (even though the sewing machine looks a little lopsided).