Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm FREE!!!!!

I'm-free-at-last!  Finally the dreaded PACE Project is OVER!! Now I can pretty much have my life back.  PACE stands for Performance Assessment of Critical Elements.  Its a big huge scary science experiment + english report + speech + a bunch of other things that lead up to that.  And my (extremely stressful) PACE speech was today! Yeahhh! Thank goodness. We had to dress all professional and fancy and give a memorized 10 minute speech (at least it is in front of 2 random people you don't know).

Unfortunately, I most likely won't be posting until summer, because of school, and the fact that my life is busy. So I'm very sorry, but I haven't been able to post for months anyway (another reason I haven't been posting is because I like looking at all the other pretty blogs instead of working on my own).

To celebrate, I made PACE cookies...which I don't have (good) pictures of at the moment.  In fact, I don't (good) have pictures of anything really.  You see... a few months ago, my camera broke. And now I am forced to use my moms 3 generation I-phone which does NOT take good photos. So now I'm saving up for a $400 dollar one, which is a lot considering I don't have a job (but-good news! I've been hired to decorate cookies for my school librarian for $20)  You might think its strange, but me and my friends all spend break and lunch in the library everyday.  So we love our librarians.  Also, I just spent a lovely spring break visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios and Six Flags. But, as as side-note, have you seen the Hunger Games? Its so good (if you haven't seen the movie yet, read the book first!). Happy Hunger Games!