Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Gallery of Cakes

Some of these were done a long time ago when we weren't very experienced.

 Fathers Day Tie Cake (my mom made this one)
   Volcano Birthday Cake  (my mom made this one too)
4th of July (the whole family helped here)
Frosting and Fondant Ballerina
My mom's ballerina (I still made the head)
A Cake I entered in the Fair
Cupcake with a scrapbook paper wrapper.
Basket weave white rose cake
This purse is made up of two 8 in. cakes with the 
ends cut off and frosted vertically.  The 
flowers are made of marshmallows cut with scissors.
The handle was black licorice and the flower centers were candy.

 This was for my brothers scout banquet (he was supposed to make it but it was almost all me).  We won the lamest award: smoothest icing.  The banquets theme was scouts around the world (the flag in the front says scouts around the world although it looks like scouts recycling).
Fondant covered with gumpaste carnations
 A sewing cake for my mom for mothers day.
(Check out my blog post)
This is my prized cake. I made it last year and still have it in 
a box in my closet (it is Styrofoam)
It is fondant covered with gumpaste flowers.
It took me around 13 hours to finish.
I hope you enjoyed it and were inspired!
Keep Crafting, Maddie

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