Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amy Atlas Style Birthday Party

        This Birthday party was inspired by the ever amazing party designer, Amy Atlas.  This party's theme was cookies n' milk, and the three flavors of milk.  We had a large assortment of color-flow cookies, cupcakes and handmade white chocolates (we put chocolate in a heart mold). We didn't end up cutting into the cake at all because we were already on sugar highs anyway, and there were way too many goodies.  At my sister's party, an hour later, only one person ate the cake (we reused my cake for her party). The big paper poppies are from Martha Stewart. The only difference is that we bent the edges over.
In the background we filled pink present bags with tissue paper and flowers.  On either sides of the table we have 3 kinds of milk. 

         The cake is covered in marshmallow fondant with a ribbon for the border and gumpaste daisy's.
 Mini Cupcakes served on a silver platter.
Royal icing butterfly cookies.
Molded chocolates 
We covered a box in brown paper to make the desserts at different levels.
We drank milk from great grandma's fancy glasses that we found in the garage.
We got so sick of sugar!

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