Monday, June 13, 2011

Bird Nest Tutorial

This is kind of a spring craft, but this is a summer blog, and I made the actual nest in spring, so here goes.  I see those grapevine balls cut into nests and store bought nests everywhere, but considering I have no money, I made my own.  You could probably go a lot farther with this and make it into a fruit bowl or a ball.

You will need:
  • twigs, reeds, or bird-nesty stuff
  • hot glue gun
  • wire (optional)
  • white spraypaint
        First, go on a walk and gather bird nest materials.  Its okay if they are different colors as long as you are planning on spray painting it. If you are not spray painting, then make sure they are the same color. You will need more twigs than it shows in the photo.

          Bend the sticks and dried grasses and glue them together as best you can.  This will be the rim of your nest so make it the size you want the nest to be.  Put 3 eggs inside to make sure it is big enough to fit them all.  You can use wire to hold it together if you need to. I used it, but it shows a tiny bit when you paint it.

Now make a slightly smaller one. Then make a even smaller one to form the base.  Glue the two smaller ones together and then the large one. If you want it to be taller (mine turned out pretty short) then you can add another layer to the top. Now spray paint it, let it dry, flip it over, and paint the back.  I only did one coat because I liked how some of the brown showed through in spots.

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