Friday, July 1, 2011

Re-purposing Day 2: Drink Mix Canisters, Glass Jars, and Sponge Balls

        Here's Re-purposing Day one if you missed it.  Now back to other stuff that makes the money we spent on things worth more: Glass bottles and jars from spaghetti sauce (or Marsala simmer sauce in my case) often fit with regular canning jar lids.  Instead of using the (ugly) metal top, cut out a circle of scrapbook paper to replace it when you are using them to organize things in a cute, color coordinating way.
Its amazing how many fabric scraps you can cram into that thing!
 As it turns out, they make great pen cases. This was from a Crystal Light Drink Mix container. Once you take the wrapper off, its clear, which makes it so easy to decorate! Just slasp some scrapbook paper on their and Wah-lah!

They are great for printing paper and cards with texture (I know the picture doesn't show it well, but they leave a really cool texture when you dip them in paint or on a stamp pad).

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