Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Printing Cards

There is nothing like printing cards in the morning.  All you need to do is gather a bunch of random things to stamp with and some paint. I didn't use stamp pads.  Go through you recycling bin, and take apart you empty floss container (inside of floss containers, there is a small yellow cylinder that is perfect for printing).  You need to look in unexpected places.  Here is some of the pile of stuff I used.

 I used:
  • crayon
  • crayon bottoms
  • milk lids 
  • milk lids covered in ripped tape
  • chap stick lids
  • carved erasers
  • the sticky side of carpet tape
  • pennys
  • seed beads
  • the bottom of paintbrushes
  • deodorant lids
  • pop can bottom
  • marker caps
  • marker bottoms
  • pieces of a dissected floss container 
  • yarn wrapped around something
  • sharpie 
  • balloons
Pre-cut a bunch of cards. Take a piece of paper and pour 80 (or as many as you like) different colors of paint on it to use as a paint palate.  Dip your "stamps" in the paint and form patterns and shapes to make cards.

I used the thing from the floss container and the chap stick cap the most as my stamps and my favorite cards were the last one, the second one and the doodled one.  The flowers on the doodled one were not stamped, they were drawn on a watercolor background.

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