Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oodles of Doodles

                I have often wished I was an amazing doodler (like Alisa Burk, you should see her super cute doodled/crazy stitched/painted pillow).  An then I practiced. It's true, practice makes perfect. I started by copying some of her designs, and them learned to do it with my own style.  You are welcome to copy mine.  I started with a piece of paper with my friends name in the middle.  Then I doodled (with sharpie) in spare time during school and here is the result:

 But I would suggest that you use a small name of 4 letters or less. Actually, you don't have to draw a name on it at all.  Here is why:  If you scan the picture to the computer, and then go to Picnik, you can work wonders. I like picnik because a lot of it is free.You want to end up being able to use it for any name. All that doodling would be wasted if it only used one name.  You want to go from the Lily (above) to this:

After you scan your doodle to the computer follow these instructions:
  1. Go to
  2. Press "Upload a Photo"
  3. Upload the doodles photo
  4. You can change the exposure, and crop it and all that jazz (optional)
  5. Now hit the "Create" button or the Done button (it depends if you are a member or not)
  6. Click "Stickers"
  7. Scroll down the sidebar on the left till you see Basic Shapes
  8. Click on any of the basic stickers
  9. Enlarge it to completely cover the name
  10. Change the color to white
I know it might look like there's a lot of steps involved, but its really easy, especially if you have used picnic before.  Now your Doodle should look like this:

Or this:

Or this:
 Or this:

 Or this

You ca use whatever you shape want as long as it covers up the name.  See,  now we add a name to it.  Here is more steps. 
  1. Click on text
  2. In the bar that says Type here and click add to place text, type a name. 
  3. Change the color to black
  4. Give it a pretty font
  5. Save it
  6. Print it
  7. Put in it something (kids love putting them in their school binders)
Now you have a pretty name, that can be used for a baby shower gift, personalized wrapping paper, the possibilities are endless, plus everyone is amazed by it and asks you if it is printed or hand drawn.