Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Major Bedroom Redo In Progress

My bedroom had a sad, ugly life. Especially the carpet.  The carpet is a nasty shade of grayish mauve. Not to mention that at times it was the messiest room on the planet.  But it is also my craft room.  About 2 years ago, my mom said we could redecorate my room. Then she redid the living room, kid bathroom, and the front of the house.  My room has been neglected.

Mom said I needed to choose a quilt first.  So I looked, and found one. It was out of stock.  Then we found another, it was low quality and the reviews said it ripped easily.  Then I found one that I LOVED at Pottery Barn Teen and the color I wanted was out of stock. I am pretty picky.

Here is a preview of the "before" pictures.  In time I will have a finished post with the before and after, but it will be a while because I only have a quilt, we haven't decorated or painted at all.  

Here is a layout of my room, the measurements are very incorrect.
Here is that ugly carpet:

The only thing it is good for is hiding paint spills.
I'm looking forward to decorating because we have been watching the home design show Design Star. I also like decorating in general.  I have wanted to decorate a room for ages, but I couldn't decorate mine because I didn't have any thing to base the colors off of.
Keep Decorating, Maddie

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  1. This might be an ok quilt to try: http://tinyurl.com/3lv3udk