Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Wall Letter

Two or three months ago I made a wall letter to go on our wall.  No, I didn't just paint one that I bought, I made one.  And I am never doing it again.  I made it out of cardboard, cereal boxes, paint, paper-mache, and lots of tape.  It took me so long to make... oh the memories.  Anyway, in the process I learned an awesome trick; the opposite of stressing wood. I really wanted that distressed look, but you can't sand card board and paper mache. Here is the result of all the work:

First: Paint your store bought (don't dare to make one) letter dark brown (I used Apple Barrel's Burnt Umber)

Second: Take an old rag and rub black shoe polish on the edges of the letter

 Third: Hang it on the wall to admire.

 Enjoy your new work of art! And if you really do want to make your own letter out of cardboard, you can, because I did it, and I only 12 (it just takes a lot of patience) 

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