Saturday, June 9, 2012

Easy $1 Bracelet

So, the other day I found out that they had a dollar beading section at Walmart, right under the rest of the beads. After browsing through a bunch of colorful chain, I found some yellow beads that, while being made of plastic, were actually pretty cute.  I  bought them thinking, they're cute, I like them, and I'll do something with them eventually. So I decided to make a bracelet.

-pliers (needle-nose)
-Walmart beads
-medium jump rings
-lobster clasp (or other clasp)

First open a jump ring and hook 2 beads together. Then close the ring.
Keep linking the beads together till it fits your wrist (I used all the beads except one) and attach the lobster clasp.
That's it!  Now I have a fun, little pop of color.  And now a little something to brighten your day:

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