Friday, May 25, 2012

Schools Out!

Finally Schools out, so I'm done with middle school. But its kinda sad, since I'm not going to the same high school as all my friends and I won't see a lot of my teachers again. And also Mr. Davis is retiring (you are the best band directer ever Mr. Davis! We miss you!!!!).  He was fantastic.  After every concert we would have a "test" (everyone brings a treat and we party) the next day at school.  And we would also have "pop" quizes, where if we played a certain piece well enough, we would get a soda.  And I'll never forget his stories about the little house at midnight, and his ex-sister-in-law. He made band the best experience ever. At the beginning of each year we elect a class president, secretary, sergeant or arms, and historian.  Me and my friend Kenzie (here is her new blog) and another friend of mine are historians, so photograph the class and scrapbook them.  It was so fun thanks to Mr. Davis.  I play flute (just so ya know).

Anyway, I'm totally obsessed with this British TV show called Sherlock (just plain Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes or anything). It is so good (my friends have heard nothing else out of me). Its the Best Show Ever made. And I was going crazy since the newest episode (The Reichenbach Fall) was almost the biggest cliffhanger ever, and we couldn't figure it out, so we watched the end around 8 times.  Then my mom saw this tiny tiny little clue (the writer of sherlock even said there was a clue that everyone was missing) and we figured it out!!!!!!!!!!  It was so satisfying! (it made me feel so smart)  And NOW I HAVE TO WAIT TILL STINKIN 2013 to find out if we were right. But I'm pretty sure we are.  Whoohoo for us.

PS: Watson and Sherlock are both in the movie the hobbit (Watson plays Bilbo!)
PPS: I can start blogging again!

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