Friday, June 22, 2012

Visiting the Farm

We recently visited my grandpa's farm up in Idaho for a wedding.  I didn't even really know who the wedding was for.  I have soooooo many relatives.  So I went to the wedding of some cousin I've never met and ate food (because thats what weddings are for right?). But take a load of this:

The picture was kinda last minute, so its not great.  But my grandpa has this giant kettle (I think its originally for boiling laundry...maybe) that he built a three-headed blowtorch thingy underneath.  So he cooks up giant boxes (bags) of popcorn, huge servings of french fries, and lots of corn on the cob.  And each kind of popcorn he makes has a different flavor, be it kettle corn, cherry, strawberry, cinnamon, or regular.   

 (these photos were taken at night, outside, so that is why they are so dark)

We also drove four-wheelers.  Because its a guy thing.  And we were in four-wheeler country.  And there was a total of 6 guys. 2 or 3 of which are crazy drivers.  Like I'm-going-to-drive-up-that-steep-hill-really-fast-and-try-not-to-get-stuck-or-crash-and-die kind of crazy.  But it was fun (like a really bumpy roller coaster).  I rode one too (I'm not in this picture), by myself, and it was very scary business.
 We also got to name 8 or so little kitties!  This is Holly (Hollyhock).

We also saw this.  If you can't figure it out, that is a ride.  An actual fair type ride that looks like it was built 200 years ago and is about to fall apart.  People actually sit on that!
I love this sign. Its an antique sign with antique painted on it!  How much more antique can you get?
They also had some cool play equipment at the wedding.
 Next week I'll be back with a bunch of sweets!  

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