Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Watercolors on the Go

I have been searching for a way to do watercolors in the car, or at the doctors office, or at whatever boring thing that is next on my list.  Then I finally had an idea.  I took a small plastic box with a lid and squirted watercolors into it.  I did a little dab of all the colors I wanted and left the lid blank so I could mix colors.

I let the paint dry (I used Reeves watercolor tubes, they are around 10 bucks for a set at Hobby Lobby) and took a small travel size shampoo bottle from a hotel (that I had been saving for a year), emptied it and filled it with water.  All I need now is a paintbrush small enough to fit in my little box and a pad of paper and I will be ready to paint.

Make sure the shampoo bottle fits in the box because once that paint is dry, it fits along with it. Now you are ready to paint the boring hours away!
Here is my little set:

 And here is my first work of art with my set:


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