Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Fair Entries

The Fair starts on the 19th and I entered three things: a cake (as usual), decorated cookies, earrings, a painted T-shirt,  and a piece of art work.  I have entered stuff into the fair for 3 years in a row.  The deadline was yesterday up and we all spent the day gathering last minute entries.  My cookies are based off of Sweetopia's Owl Cookies.  But mine are not half as good because I have only decorated a few cookies in my life and I don't have a Kopycake Projector so I drew the design on (I used pencil because the cookies are not going to be eaten).  I have been getting very frustrated lately because I can't make a good cookie and my fondant wouldn't lay flat on my cake.

I have entered a cake into the fair 2 years in a row so far and this is my 3 year (am also planning on winning first place for the 3rd time).  Here is my cake:

Here are my cookies, but only 4 out of 9 turned out good (I am a beginner): 

I think these are so cute because I made their eyes too big.
Here is the T-shirt:

I'll post a tutorial for these wire cage earrings sometime soon:

 And here is the art:

 I also entered my B (which stands for our last name)
 I hope I win for my cake! It took a lot of work and 20 dollars which is a lot of money for me.  But we saw some of the other cakes and it looks like I have some competition.

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