Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paint Palette

This post is completely dedicated to different kinds of things that you can use to dump, mix, and scoop paint from.  And here they are:

 Cardstock is a great one.
I covered a full page in paint and now its a piece of art itself.
Small glass bowls are nice too.  I started using these the other day but they are nice for watercolors.
Ice cube trays are great if you are using lot of colors of mixing colors.
Paper plates
Plastic trays. (I LOVE these things.  I have like 12 of them (plus I got them free). They are one of the best surfaces to work on for beading, painting, molding clay, or anything except baking (yeah... I accidentally tried that once and there were little brown circles under every cookie and a burning smell)
The bottoms of soda bottles have 5 little pockets to put paint in (Just chop off the bottom).

Medicine bottles are great. They are air-tight and leak-proof.
Then there are regular old plastic paint palettes.  They are cheap, only about a buck at craft stores, but why spend money on one when there are a hundred other free things to use.
Keep Painting! 

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