Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hydrangea Wreath

It doesn't speak "autumn" to me, but I still think its really pretty. My mom cut some flowers from my grandma's huge bushes and made a wreath out of them.  She's been wanting to do it for years, and I think it's a great idea.  Plus the flowers don't turn brown after they die, they stay the same (they only turn brown when they are still on the bush).  Hopefully there are still enough live flower bunches on your plants to make them (you will need a good sized bush).  You will need:
  • metal wreath form
  • 14 hydrangea bunches (more or less, depending on the size of the flowers on your bush, and the form)
  • string
  • pruning shears or scissors
  • suction cup hanging thing (from hobby lobby, but it won't work unless you have a glass door)
  • Matte spray (we used Krylon's Matte Spray)
  • ribbon or fabric to hand it with (optional)
Don't cut all the flowers off at once! Cut them one at a time, leaving some stem to tie it to the wreath form with.

Spray the wreath with the Matte Finish. It should help the petals to not fall off. Take your thick ribbon (at least 3 inches wide) or your fabric and wrap it around the top of the wreath.  
Then attach your hanging device (you can use whatever you want, but the suction cup only work for glass doors, so that is what we used).
 And there you have it! A beautiful fall wreath.
 And now more flowers from grandma's garden:
So far she has produced 2 half color roses. Weird.


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