Thursday, November 17, 2011

Golden Snitch Necklace

I've been waiting to post this for a while. Isn't this soo cute! I am a huge fan of harry potter, so when I saw this on One Pretty thing, I had to make it. Its a mini little snitch! Isn't it so cute? Its a perfect tutorial, but I did make some changes:

-you don't have to buy special beads. Just paint a regular one with gold paint and cover it with mod podge (I used gold liquid leaf and gloss mod podge) you could also use clay.
-If you do want the beads she used, they sell them at hobby lobby and etsy
-I learned afterwards that instead of adding jump rings to the end, just use pliers to form a circle with the wire while you are making the wing. That would be easier (probably).

My first one (there was no way I was going to only make one) wasn't great, but the second one I made was much better and it only took me like five minutes (unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that one before giving it away). It just goes to show that practice makes perfect.

 Wouldn't it be so cool to have a Harry Potter Halloween party? That's such a great idea. Ohh, I'm in great, I wonder if my mom will let me.  Here is the Harry Potter love: (isn't it the best book ever?!!)

Enjoy! -Maddie

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