Monday, July 30, 2012

Fourth of July Recap

I know, I am a very inconsistent blogger, but ya know... life is busy.  And I would have posted about all the yummy things I made to celebrate before the actual holiday,  but the chaos that happens right before you go on vacation happened (as always). And our computer was being "fixed".  So for a couple days, I basically didn't have a computer.  So I finally loaded my pictures to the computer, and almost as soon as I started looking at them I got the blue screen of death.  But we've been getting it daily now.
So, for the Forth of July we went camping with our friend's family.  And on our trip we hiked up to a mountain lake.  It was so gorgeous.

This is actually a different lake.  We went boating and swimming in this one.  All the kids helped build an awesome river/moat/dam system in the sand.  It was pretty cool.  The lake was cool in freezing cold.
Its July, and there's still snow.  In fact, on the way down, we were crossing a big downhill section covered in snow, so my feet decided to trip, and I slid on my but all the way down.  It was really wet snow too. Nice.

Someone decided to go for a swim.  Do you realize that there was a wall of snow cascading into the lake?  Very smart, especially when you wear shorts into the water, are on a hike, and don't have anything else to change into.
On this hike we all learned that crystal light is a great cleaner (we were joking of course).  We also saw this super gross caterpillar nest thing.  Eww!!!
 But camping is all about food, so I made Sugarbelle's Patriotic Candy Buttons

I also made watermelon suckers (I made cherry too, but those burned).  I didn't have any molds, so I went with free-form.
We ate tons of delicious food (polish sausages, dutch oven pizza's, dutch oven lasagna,  mountain man breakfasts, steak, burgers, dutch oven pineapple upside down cake...).  But my favorite was coconut macaron cake.  I don't have the recipe (someone else in our group made it) but you have to look it up.  Like, now.  Its a slice of super moist cake with coconut syrup and piled high with coconut (we like it with milk on top).  And it will rock your world (notice how I wrote will).
Happy (super late) 4th of July!

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