Monday, October 24, 2011

Temple Cookies

My sister got recently baptized and in celebration I made Salt Lake Temple Cookies.  We don't actually live near that particular temple, but it is the most recognizable.

Anyway, I used Bake at 350's yummy almond roll out sugar cookies.  It's a great recipe, and they don't use five cups of flour like most sugar cookie recipes.  Plus they taste delicious.  Here is how I frosted them:

You will need:
  • very light gray icing
  • white icing
  • sky blue icing
  • several small piping tips (I used #2 wilton)
  • piping pags
  1. print out a tiny picture of the temple and cut the outline  
  2. lay it on the cookie and pipe the temple edges and turrets (in gray icing)
  3. let it dry a bit and
  4. fill the temple (in white icing)
  5. let it dry a bit and fill in the sky
  6. add Moroni while the blue us still wet
  7. pipe the Temple's details
  8. eat the cookies
Here are more specific piping directions and a closeup on the details:

Most of the temples each had their own design, until I found one that I liked.  I made the rest like that. WARNING: These take forever to pipe! The details take 5 minutes per cookie!

It was worth it. We had a great time eating these at the barbecue that followed the baptism.

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